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Instagram’s Threads app is heading to Windows 11 soon
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In recent months, Instagram’s Threads app has garnered attention as a user-friendly alternative to Twitter. While successful in terms of downloads and hype, Threads lags behind in features compared to other text-based social media apps. However, exciting news is on the horizon: Instagram is developing a full-fledged web app for Threads, set to land in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11.

An anonymous Meta employee confirmed the company’s plan to bring Threads to the Microsoft Store, with the web app/website development already in progress. This approach, utilizing threads.net via Microsoft Edge’s WebView with deeper OS integration, will provide users with a native app-like experience, including taskbar support and notifications.

The web app will eliminate the need to open your phone to interact with Threads, making posting and engaging with content even more convenient. Additionally, Instagram has a host of exciting features in the works for Threads, aimed at enticing more users to the platform.

Among the upcoming features are post editing capabilities, the ability to switch between multiple accounts, access to a trending section, and easy GIF uploads via a new GIF picker. Users will also be able to tag people in photos and videos, similar to Instagram, and pin threads to their profile for easy access.

While the exact release date for these features remains unknown, Meta’s commitment to enhancing Threads promises a significant update that could also introduce hashtag support. With Threads soon becoming more versatile and accessible, Windows 11 users can look forward to an enhanced Instagram experience on their devices.